Hult International Business School Financial Markets Essay


Write one essay, answering one of the following questions.
Word Limit 1500.
Late Penalties Apply.
You should research the essay but under the following rules:

You cannot use any quotes. Everything must be in your own words. (The essay will be checked for plagiarism, all instances will be reported to the Academic Integrity Committee and I will suggest maximum sanctions).
You must provide references.
Being a google slave can damage your grade. You must use course materials and be guided by their content, not by ‘blue sky’ google searches. Close familiarity with the course materials is part of the quality criteria. If you use other sources, use reputable academic ones (e.g. from published texts and the school digital library), do not trust everything you find on the internet. Untrustworthy and poor quality resources are proliferating faster than good ones on the web and there is an increasing incidence of students getting things wrong by relying on ‘the internet’.
For several questions, you will be asked to form and argue for your own point of view. This is not an opportunity to say just anything you like. You must show familiarity with and make a critical assessment of the leading theories, as discussed in course materials and class. You should also cite facts and data as evidence to support your conclusions. 

Submit the answer in a word document.

Explain and critically assess Minsky’s financial instability thesis.
What is the Efficient Market Hypothesis, why do critics reject it?
Knight and Keynes distinguished risk and uncertainty. Explain the distinction, why they made it and what its significance is for our understanding of financial markets.
Textbooks say financial markets are mere intermediaries who provide a service. John Kay,   (and many others) claim this is an outdated model- and that financial markets and actors do far more than this. They also say that much financial activity is not a service to the real economy at all. Explain their view. If the sector isn’t merely a service intermediary, what is a better description?
What is financialization? Recount the key themes of the literature on this concept, describe how interpretations differ and discuss the overall macroeconomic implications of the phenomenon.

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Financial Markets


Economics of money and banking

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