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Research Paper 
 Sustainable Tourism, 

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Research Paper – Students will prepare a six-page research paper. The topic must focus on
one of the topics discussed in the Canvas announcement. The paper must demonstrate upper
level undergraduate level work, including writing ability. You must state very clearly in the
first paragraph of the paper the purpose of your paper. As such, an extensive literature
review must be undertaken so you can apply a scholarly perspective.
Topic: Sustainable Tourism
This assignment must be thoroughly researched using appropriate outside literature resources.
Please make sure that the paper is written using APA style (7th edition). It is critical the paper
has a well-constructed introduction that contains a clear statement of purpose and a
discussion of the background of the topic. Ensure that the body of the paper accomplishes
the stated purpose and approach, and that the summary analysis, conclusions, and
recommendations are based on a clear logic.
The criteria for the research paper will be as follows:
_____ (30 points) Correct sentence structure, grammar, subheadings, etc. Deductions from 130 points.
_____ (25 points) Typed, 12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced throughout. (A/N)
_____ (10 points) Use of APA style for citations, subheadings, page margins, page numbers,
and references. (A/N)
_____ (10 points) Length requirement (6 pages). (A/N)
_____ (10 points) Clear purpose statement, topic clearly defined and supported.
_____ (05 points) 4 peer reviewed/Nationally-published references/4 other articles. You must
have at least 8 sources
_____ (05 points) Rationale on why this topic is an issue in the HSTM industry.
_____ (05 points) Stakeholders affected by this issue (no cites required).
_____ (100 points) Content.
_____ (200 points) TOTAL

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6 Pages

foreign exchange

sustainable tourism

Cultural Tourism

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