Hotel Chocolate Response to Covid 19 & How It Impacted the Company Economics Paper


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1. Overview of the event / situation (discuss key points of the event)
? Hotel Chocolat “strong brand position” and “multichannel model”
? “Strong digital growth” more than offset disruption to physical retail over the
2. Marketing Environmental Forces (What two (2) forces/factors triggered the event?)
? Customers: Because of COVID-19, customers are more willing to choose
online shopping rather than offline shopping.
? Legal: In line with British government policy, people leave their homes as little
as possible except when necessary.
3. How are the forces linked to the topic? (For each force/factor, explain how it is
connected to the topic and how it positively or negatively affected the ability of the
company/government institution/non-profit organisation to serve their
Legal: get tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms and stay at home if positive.
Customers: don’t like to go shopping and prefer to stay at home.
4. How has the company(profit or non-profit)/government/institution have
responded to each force (Response of the company/government/institution was it
positive or negative – you can write it for individual force or overall for all the forces)
? Hotel chocolate is facing the COVID-19 with a positive attitude,because of the
emergence of COVID-19, most customers choose to stay at home online
shopping, However,their digital-led brand has offset the loss of physical retail
sales from the virus. Over the past year, their profits have grown faster than
expected as well.
5. Was the response appropriate and why?
? Hotel chocolate’s response was appropriate. Due to COVID-19,customers are more
likely to choose online shopping over offline shopping. As a result, the profits of
offline retail stores have decreased, and Hotel chocolate has launched online
dominance, which has offset the losses of retail stores with high profits.The premium
British chocolate maker’s revenue rose 21% in the 52 weeks to June 27.This is
surely the appropriate response.
6. Target audience (Use all four segmentation variables)
Due to this article COVID-19,there are four segmentation variables which are
Geographic,Psychographic and behavioural segmentations.The market for
Hotel chocolate is mainly in the UK and America, and their consumption is
focused on the higher population. During the COVID-19 period, as customers
could not go to physical stores, Hotel Chocolate launched the VIP ME
program to attract more high-end customers, which can be divided into VIP
customers and ordinary customers. VIP customers will spend more due to
their more rights, thus increasing customer activity and the number of
customers reached more than 100,000. To this end, the hotel through the
creation of new products, to attract more customers. Hotel Chocolate knows
that premium customers like something a little more sophisticated, so it has
updated its higher-priced key chocolate gift line. To stay unaffected during
COVID-19, the hotel has come up with velvet flavors, an enhanced gift line
and a new Rabot Estate coffee line. And packaging has become “widely
recyclable”. In order not to be affected by more viruses, Hotel Chocolate
increased investment, enhanced VIP ME customer trust, and launched new
technology.The Hotel Chocolat story is based on a simple mission – to create
a new model of aspirational luxury that democratises access to premium
chocolate by rejecting the notion of “choco-snob elitism”
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