History of Economy Essay


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Each week, you are to submit a 500-600 word write-up on the readings and
lectures. You should reflect on what you have learned, rather than summarize or
present most material in bullet point form. Although you may quote material from
lectures and readings, this is best used to support your main arguments, not as a
replacement for them.
Approaches in write-ups can include:
* Compare and contrast ideas from the perspective of your preexisting views
* Discuss in detail how lectures and readings surprised and challenged your
previous lines of thinking and assumptions
* Think critically about ideas and lines of thought presented in lectures and
reading and discuss their strengths and weaknesses
There are not “right” presentations or answers in write-ups–there are only
thoughtful discussions of diverse views.
Try to provide information on each lecture/reading, even if you go into some
in more detail and depth than others. Apply course material in your write-ups, be
analytical, and be creative. Content, clarity, and breadth are considered toward
your grade.
Grades are as follows:
Excellent, equivalent to an A
Very good, equivalent to an A
Very good, but not exemplary, equivalent to a B+
Good, equivalent to a B
Satisfactory, equivalent to a B
A grade of 2.5 or lower means your write-up would benefit from more work.
Please feel free to be in contact with your TAs regarding your grade and
ways you can improve. Improvement over the quarter is factored into your final
grade. We grade on content more than on style, but well-written essays enhance
your grade. Focus on communicating your understanding of the material.

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600 words



economic cycle

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