help me answer this questions UU200 TUTORIAL EXERCISES 2. ETHICAL…

Question Answered step-by-step help me answer this questions UU200 TUTORIAL EXERCISES 2. ETHICAL… help me answer this questionsUU200 TUTORIAL EXERCISES 2. ETHICAL THEORIES & PRINCIPLES – CONTEST [Approx. Time 1 hour] The group with the highest total point wins the contest. Remember there can be more than one principle or theory used in each scenario. Use one or more of the following theories for  each  scenario:  UTILITARIANISM,  DEONTOLOGY,  ETHICS  OF  CARE, VIRTUE THEORY, ETHICAL EGOISM, ALTRUISMScenarios1. I am the Manager of Human Resources at USP. Each year I have to decide on staff promotions and appraisals. While making my decision, I try my best to follow the procedures and rules in place, check all the reports and student evaluations very carefully and use my best judgment as this is what is required of a good and fair manager. 2. My pregnant wife told me that she has cancer. She needs an extensive and long treatment at a hospital in New Zealand or Australia. I am a trusted employee of BSP and I managed to embezzle funds (75000 FJD) from the accounts of our 2 richest customers. I am aware that my action is unethical but as long as this saves my wife’s and unborn child’s life, I am willing to pay for it in the future. 23. I believe we should legalize abortion. Women should have the right to freely choose whether or not to give birth. It is their life and therefore they must be allowed to use their own judgment. The state on the other hand must not have the right to intervene in such an important decision. 4. I think zoos are useful and necessary not only because of the entertainment they produce but also because they teach our children about nature and wildlife. Even tougher, it is evident that most of the animals in zoos are unhappy and unhealthy, children learn a lot and appreciate wildlife more when they actually see these animals. Moreover, zoos also provide shelter for some of the endangered species and generate job opportunities for the locals. 5. I think it should be illegal to administer euthanasia on sick animals as the animals cannot possibly know that they are terminally sick and autonomously consent to active euthanasia. Therefore, human beings do not have the moral authority to kill sick animals. 6. As climate change increases the frequency and intensity of storms and cyclones, the cost of insurance – particularly in at risk areas – is going to increase massively. This will mean many homes and other property will have no financial protection against future climate-caused losses. 7. I think gays and lesbians should be allowed to get married and adopt children. They should be able to decide about their own future. Other people in society have no right to intervene in this decision as it is one of the basic human freedoms to choose one’s life partner. 8. I think this Ethics unit (UU200) must remain compulsory for all USP students. People are not only engineers or architects or businessmen or cooks or doctors or teachers. They are also fathers, mothers, voters, drivers, tourists, customers, and students. A person is a whole and personal-intellectual development through critical thinking (not rules or rules of conduct) is the key in learning how to be ethical in complex social and business situations. 9. Human beings are the most destructive predators in Earth’s history. They have already consumed  or  affected  all  habitats  across  the  globe  and  caused  the  extinction  or endangerment of several animal species. This careless attitude must change right now and animal rights must also be acknowledged. 10. I am a famous doctor working in Suva Private. I should always try my best to treat the customers, oh sorry, I meant the patients. Medical malpractice may cause the doctor a lot of trouble and possible imprisonment, and it is definitely bad for one’s career. I cannot possibly tarnish my good reputation by making major mistakes. 311. I am a very religious person. I try my best to go to mosque every day and pray to God. I fast every day during Ramadan and give food to my friends and relatives for this is what God had commanded. If I didn’t do all these, God may send me to Hell when the judgment day comes. I don’t understand those non-believers, how can they not pray God and risk being sent to Hell! 12. Fiji has a moral duty to accept climate change refugees from Kiribati and Tuvalu. It is our obligation as their close neighbors (with similar cultural heritage) to provide them with shelter, food, jobs and other basic necessities. For we know for sure that the sea level is rising and most Pacific Island countries are genuinely and seriously affected by global warming. I, for one, am ready to give a part of my land just outside Labasa to one of the migrant families. 2. ETHICS OF CARE [Approx. time: 20 minutes]Read the short excerpt below and relate your understanding of the theory of Ethics of Care to an applied ethics issue, violence against women.Violence against women reports escalating in TongaThe Commander of the Tongan Police force, Chris Kelley, reported that the rate of violence against women in Tonga has almost quadrupled in the past ten years.  Reported cases of violence against women rose from 113 incidents in 2000 to 404 in 2009.  On average, approximately 22 women a month report an incident of violence to the police. Existing legislation in Tonga is now being reviewed with regard to domestic violence.  To date, there is no specific legislation to address domestic violence but it is included under assault in the Criminal Offences Act.(Story content from Radio Australia, Pacific Beat, May 20, 2010 10:52:35, me Identify two reasons why cases of violence against women in Tonga are escalating at an alarming rate.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4help me discuss the issue of violence against women in relation to two principles from the Ethics of Care theory.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________help me in finding what can Tonga and other Pacific Island countries do to reduce the instances of violence against women?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. CHARACTER, CONDUCT, LAW AND CULTURE [Approx. time: 30 minutes]In 1990, the Village Fono Act was passed in Samoa.  Under this act, the fono (village council) was given power to deal with the traditional and customary affairs of the village.In September 1993, a Western Samoan matai, Nu’ utai Mafulu Matauita, was shot dead in front of this family. His house and property were also destroyed.  This act was carried out under the authority of the fa’amatai (Samoan traditional system).   Matautia had recently returned from New Zealand to Lona village.  Here he set up a shop and a small bus service.  After some disputes with the matai in the village, including his refusal to pay fines imposed by the fono, a ban was placed on his shop and bus service.  This ill feeling was worsened by the fact that Matautia had recently entered a cricket tournament as a player for a rival village.  In this tournament, Lona village was beaten by the rival village which then went on to win the competition.  The dispute escalated late in September when Matautia stopped a villager from crossing his property.  Finally Matautia was confronted by a group of villagers.  After they burnt his property, he was shot by two untitled men.  His body was dumped before the gathering of the matai.  Western Samoa’s Police Commissioner described this incident as justice in ‘an old barbaric Samoan way’.(Summarised from Lawson, S. 1996. Tradition versus Democracy in the South Pacific. Cambridge  University    Press, Melbourne).5How many wrongs were committed in the case above? (List these.)______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________Use the theory of consequentialism to discuss the actions of the Fono.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Discuss the character of an individual or group in the case above using the theory of ethical egoism.______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Do you think the Fono Act violates the individual rights of Samoans? Explain fully using a rights-based approach to ethics.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Arts & Humanities Communications Public Relations UU UU200 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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