Hello. I’m studying toward my NVQ Level 3 EYE (Early Years…

Question Answered step-by-step Hello. I’m studying toward my NVQ Level 3 EYE (Early Years… Hello. I’m studying toward my NVQ Level 3 EYE (Early Years Foundation) Unit 310 assignment 1.6 relating to the recording, storing and sharing of information. Hello. I and am unsure how to answer the question below. Any help would be tremendous.My understanding is that the same methods apply to each category, including: Recording any new information in the file and taking any actions accordinglyWriting or recording in a format which can be understood by others, such as in large writing for those with impaired vision, or translated into another languageUsing recipient specific language, for example more technical terms may be used when writing reports and records for Early Years professionals, where as those written for parents/carers should use generic language which is easier to understand.What am I missing here?  1.6 explain how to keep up to date, accurate and coherent records and reports that are legible and meet legal requirements so that they can be understood by those who have a right to see them Medication requirements: Special dietary needs: Planning: Observation and assessment: Health, safety and security: Accidents: Daily register:   Arts & Humanities Communications Public Relations N/A 307 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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