Hello, I am seeking support on what feedback to provide to two…

Question Answered step-by-step Hello, I am seeking support on what feedback to provide to two… Hello, I am seeking support on what feedback to provide to two peers, from a discussion question that was asked.  Question: Discuss some of the advantages of using a between-subjects design.Between-subjects is a type of experimental design in which the subjects of an experiment are assigned to different conditions, with each subject experiencing only one of the experimental conditions. This is a common design used in psychology and other social science fields.  Michael said: Some of the advantages of using a between-subjects design are this.  They can be used in experimental and non-experimental research designs. Between-subjects design allows researchers to compare two or more treatment conditions. Another good advantage is that researcher can be confident that any differences between the groups are due to the differing treatments rather than to other treatment factors that can occur when the same individual is measured more than once. Lastly, one of the great advantages is between-subjects design almost always make it possible to assign an individual to one of several treatment conditions. It is not always possible to expose the same individual to multiple treatment conditions (UFC, n.d.). Reference UFC, Between-Subject Experimental Designs. Retrieved from https://webcourses.ucf.edu/courses/950845/pages/between-subject-designsHow can I respond to Michael?  Taylor said: Advantages Lowers the chances of participant boredomInvaluable “give researchers the opportunity to conduct an experiment with very little contamination by extraneous factors.” (Shuttleworth, 2009., para. 6).Ability to see rapid effects due to real-time observationsDisadvantages Require a large number of participants, “the idea is that participants can be part of the treatment group or the control group, but cannot be a part of both.” (Shuttleworth, 2009., para. 1).They are complexVariability “it is impossible to maintain homogeneity across the groups; this method uses individuals, with all of their subtle differences, and this can skew data.” (Shuttleworth, 2009., para. 10). Martyn Shuttleworth (Apr 24, 2009). Between Subjects Design. Explorable.com: https://explorable.com/between-subjects-design How can I respond to Taylor? Social Science Psychology PSYCHOLOGY PSY-452 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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