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An illustration of a dysfunctional conflict would pertain to situations where an employee is overworked due to miscommunication on the task schedules (Kuligowski, 2021). An organization could have a job description that an employee can work additional hours on Saturday and Sunday, including extra hours during the weekdays. However, an unclear task schedule could arise, which leads to an employee working seven days a week rather than five days in a week, thus negatively affecting their performance. The program is tiresome, and due to the relationship between the employee and the manager being the boss, such an employee may not raise their frustrations on the additional hours.
One of the negative impacts of this example of a dysfunctional conflict is that its morale is decreased. The feeling of unfairness and a detriment to personal life means no work-life balance (Kuligowski, 2021). The employee’s quality of performance declines due to seclusion from other employees, so such an employee does not work with others (Muguku, n.d). Upon increased frustration from the long working hours, the employee could enter into an altercation with the supervisor close to the point of violence.
Resolving Conflict
When a manager notices the decline of a hard-working employee upon reshuffling the working hours, it is essential to address the issue immediately (Kuligowski, 2021). Rather than fueling the conflict based on the decreased performance, it is necessary to determine the main reason behind the conflict. For instance, based on the scenario given above, the managers would determine that the main issue was a miscommunication on the tasks assigned to the employee being significantly higher, leading to overworking (Muguku, n.d).
Upon identification of the issue and the damage it has caused, such as exhaustion, a decline of morale and an unhealthy work-life balance, the manager must determine the best solution (Muguku, n.d). Based on the facts, the manager should clarify the task schedule and one week off as compensation for the exhaustion and frustration caused.
The results of a successfully resolved conflict would take the form of quality performance, teamwork, communication amongst employees and high morale (Kuligowski, 2021). Additionally, the employee would have an enhanced professional relationship with the manager due to the manager’s consideration by granting time off compensation and clarifying the work schedule. The employee would view the manager as a person that genuinely listened to the issues raised and addressed them, thus easing communication between the parties in the future, leading to even better performance (Kuligowski, 2021).

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