Greed Cycle Article Review


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Article Review Rules
Dropbox Assignments
There will be a drop box assignment of a case/problem for Weeks 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. These
will consist of fictitious cases, article reviews, real-world case analysis, and/or data cases
from the text that illustrate concepts that we are studying.
Dropbox papers involving articles and/research questions, should be formatted as a MS
Word (.doc/.docx) file. They should be edited carefully for grammar and style, and also
include a separate cover page and works cited/references, if relevant. All references
should be properly cited using APA style.
Dropbox assignments, which are data cases from the textbook, require current market
data for their inputs. All market data (e.g., prices, rates, shares outstanding, etc.) must
be current and the date the data is retrieved must be included in your analysis. Any
solution using data that is more than one week old will receive a grade of 0.
Dropbox 1: Review of Articles
Please read the articles Greed Cycle , Dumbest Idea in the World ,
and Maximizing Shareholder Value: The Goal That Changed Corporate
America . After you have read them, write a 4-6 page paper addressing
the following questions.
Greed Cycle Questions:
1. What has been the changing nature of the goal of the
2. What is the relationship between agency problems and the goal
of shareholder wealth maximization?
3. What are successful and unsuccessful ways in which agency
problems between managers and owners have addressed?
4. What is the relationship between agency conflicts and options
given to managers?
5. What is your opinion of the best goal for corporations?
Dumbest Idea. . . Questions:
1. What is the Dumbest Idea? Why?
2. How has the focus on SH wealth changed the way success is
3. How has the time perspective been altered by the focus on SH
4. What alternative goals are suggested?
Maximizing Shareholder Value: The Goal that . . . Questions:
1. What changes are described for IBM in this article? Why?
2. Describe the philosophical changes that have occurred as a result
of this change in goal. How has this impacted behavior?
3. What about Social Responsibility?

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Greed Cycle

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