For your original comment you will review Source 1, Source 2, and…

Question Answered step-by-step For your original comment you will review Source 1, Source 2, and… For your original comment you will review Source 1, Source 2, and Source 3 below, then draw your conclusions about bad behavior. Are people inherently bad or do situations influence and shape our behavior? As always be sure to use evidence to support your answer. Source 1: The Untold Truth Of The Stanford Prison Experiment (Video – 7:39 minutes)Philip Zimbardo had one question – “if you put good people in a bad place, do the people triumph or does the place corrupt them?” Initial results of his original Prison Study suggested that we are all susceptible to either actively participating in bad behavior or by observing it and letting it go on regardless. Watch the video below and focus on these questions:What examples of bad behavior in the original Stanford Prison Study stood out to you, and why?What factors near the end of the video suggest that the original Prison Study results may have been skewed?Source 2: BBC Prison StudyIn 2001 two psychologists, in collaboration with the BBC, conducted a contemporary version of the Prison Study that was filmed and aired on the BBC. You can read more about their experiment by visiting the BBC Prison Study website. I am not asking you to watch their study but it does have some significant differences from Zimbardo’s original study and it’s worth reading up on those differences. You’ll find a menu on the left navigation menu where you can read more about the Overview, Background, Setting Up, Early Days, etc. For this source I am only asking you to read the Conclusions that they came to as a result of their study (the link is at the bottom of that navigation menu) and answer this question:What factors in the BBC Prison Study shed light on the role of situations and context to influence and shape our behaviors? They identify many factors, please choose 1 of them to discuss in your answer.Source 3: How Would People Behave in Milgram’s Experiment Today? (Behavioral Scientist Article)Stanley Milgram’s research aimed to answer a similar question in a different way – can situational cues and context influence behavior? The original results of his study suggest that they do play a profound role influencing behavior. But do these results hold true today? Read this short article and then answer this question:What are 2 interesting findings from more contemporary studies like Milgram’s? Social Science Psychology PSYCHOLOGY 101 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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