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For this assignment, the topic is free as long as it is related to the voting system in the economic research field. Please carefully follow the attached instructions, every part of the instructions should be mentioned in this paper. 

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Econ 3490
Spring 2022
ECON 3490: Public Choice Economics Research Paper (10-15
pages) Due on May 2 (at final exam time)
A. Overview
You will write a research paper on a public choice economics-related topic of your choosing.
While you do not need to do original empirical or theoretical research, you should have a
unique research question or thesis statement. The type of analysis you do will depend upon the
question you select. Possibilities include historical analysis, critical analysis of existing
economic studies, descriptive data analysis or regression analysis.
B. Requirements
As a part of the final grade for the project, there will be two components that will be completed.
All components will be handed in electronically. You may choose to write the paper
individually or work with a single partner and co-author the paper. Note: co-authors share the
work and the grade.
1. Research Paper Proposal
Due Wednesday, April 13th
The research paper proposal should be a one-page summary that describes a topic of interest to
you. Also include a separate page listing any references you used in developing the proposal.
Your proposal should include the following headings and answer the questions contained
under each heading in one paragraph:
Research Question: What is the thesis statement or research question that you are trying
to answer? Why is it important? Are there any relevant implications for policy or social
choice issues that governments face?
Literature Scan: Based on a scan of the textbook and other sources, what do we already
know about this topic? What questions remain unanswered?
Analysis Plan: What type of analysis methodology do you plan to use (e.g. historical
analysis, critical analysis of existing economic studies, descriptive data analysis and
regression analysis)? What types of resources do you think you will need to do this type
of analysis? You can analyze a proposed model or analyze existing models as they apply
to your question.
Econ 3490
Spring 2022
2. Research Paper
Due Monday, 1 pm, May 2nd
The research paper will build on the elements of your outline and will consist of a 10-15 page
paper that provides an analytical discussion of your research question/thesis statement, the
material from your five high-quality sources, your analysis methodology, and your findings or
Your paper should include the following headings and provides a detailed discussion under
each heading. Also include separate pages listing any references you used in developing the
proposal and/or any tables or figures that would be helpful for the reader.
I. Introduction
One to two pages that includes a detailed thesis statement or research question. Provide a
roadmap of what will be covered in the remaining sections of the report.
II. Literature Review
Three to six pages that describe any relevant literature or case studies that you surveyed on the
topic or methods from your five high-quality sources. This should be an analytical discussion of
what you learned from the literature rather than a reporting out from each source.
III. Research Methodology and Resources Used
One to two pages that describe any specific methodology you used to conduct your analysis of
the research questions/thesis that expands on the material in the third section of your outline.
Describe any data you collected (quantitative or qualitative) and how you collected it (e.g.
surveys, interviews, public records, etc.). Essentially answer the questions: what did you do and
how did you do it?
IV. Key Findings
Two to four pages that describe the following:
• What did your research tell you? What did you learn? How much of what was learned
was new to the field of public choice economics? Did your research help further our
understanding of potential policy solutions?
• Include limitations (if any). For example, was anything left unresolved? If so, why?
How might you overcome these limitations in the future? What data or information
would you need to further your research?
This is the most analytical part of the report!
V. Conclusion
One to two pages that restates the research thesis/question, provides a few sentences on the
research conducted and your main findings, and spends several paragraphs on what
conclusions you can draw as well as the implications for policy.
VI. References
VII. Tables and Figures (if appropriate)
Econ 3490
Spring 2022
1. First and foremost, I expect that you will turn in a paper that is properly formatted
according to all of the requirements listed above. I also expect that your paper will be
clearly written and essentially free of serious grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and
typos. If I receive a paper that is not up to this standard, I reserve the right to hand it
back to you and deduct late points (see syllabus) until it is handed back in acceptable
2. The paper should be double-spaced with at least 1 inch margins on all sides and 12 point
font. The page requirements (10-15) are just for text. Your title page and reference page
will be additional pages. So will any figures or tables.
3. Each paper must have citations (parenthetical or footnotes) and a reference page that is
formatted in a recognized academic style. Please note that articles found online should
be cited by author’s name and date/page and should have a reference listing with date,
author, title of article, page numbers, title of publication/journal/newspaper or the
name of the research organization posting the report. Simply listing a URL is never, ever
a substitute for this information!
4. Your best search engine for academic journal articles is EconLit. Go to the NU library
website and look under “Databases.” The Journal of Economic Perspectives is one great
source for interesting articles that are accessible to students with training in economics at
the introductory or intermediate level. You can also use Google Scholar to find articles.
5. I expect you to honor all NU policies and procedures regarding academic honesty. If I
find that you have plagiarized any part of your paper, you will automatically receive a
zero on that assignment and the case will be referred to the Economics Department
Chair and the CSSH Dean’s office for further action. This includes any cases where
material has been used without correct quotation marks and/or citation. Please avoid
even the possibility of this by:
a. writing entirely in your own words;
b. citing other authors’ ideas, arguments and results appropriately;
c. using direct quotations only when absolutely necessary and, in those cases, using
quotation marks along with a citation;
d. never cutting & pasting other authors’ graphs or figures (without citation/source
notes), and;
e. including source notes below your own figure or graph if you have used
someone else’s data to construct it.
Econ 3490
Spring 2022
Submit a research proposal on April 13th
Submit the final paper on May 2nd that meets the
following criteria:
You form a strong thesis statement in the first
paragraph and provide evidence to back it up
throughout the rest of the paper.
You make use of either public choice economics
theory or empirical/data research in the paper. You
can explain the theory in a non-technical way (no
graphs, no jargon). If you refer to data, you explain
it clearly and use tables/graphs (and citations to
sources) appropriately.
You cite 5 high-quality references (other than
your textbook or an assigned reading on the
syllabus) to support your argument. These
references should be books or academic journal
articles. From these references, you pull specific
examples and/or statistical evidence to support
your argument.
You do not have any problems with writing
fundamentals (spelling, punctuation, grammar,
citation & reference formats). Your paper is well
organized and clearly written.
Econ 3490
Spring 2022
Possible Topics
Some possible topics:
• Comparing two countries’ voting systems and analyzing the properties. Is one system
preferable to another?
• Proposing a model for selecting candidates that is different than existing models
• Arguing for changes in the electoral college
• Considering apportionment issues. This can include concepts we talked about such as
using different apportionment methods or changing the numbers of representatives but
also issues like gerrymandering.
• Considering whether it makes sense to have multiple legislative chambers
• Considering how the mayor should be elected.
• Is a mayor selected by voters preferable to a city manager selected by a city council?
• Term limits for elected officials
• Factors that effect voter turnout. You could look at voter turnout in general or what affects
turnout for a specific demographic. Some factors to consider: the benefits and costs of
voting as well as the identity of the candidates themselves. A paper need not explain
everything about voter turnout but you can just research some aspects of it.
• Determination of a government budget. Consider ideas such as the median voter theorem
as well as game theory and logrolling.
• How well informed are voters? What affects how voters get information? You could
research the impact of social media on phenonomena like herding.
• What causes countries to cooperate or not cooperate? You could consider the consumption
of public resources that are nonexcludable but rival (like minerals or life in the oceans.)
You could also analyze how countries cooperate or not on environmental issues. Game
theory could also be relevant here.
• Analyze which voters in which states have the most power.
• Do voters ever vote strategically? This might mean not voting for your first choice or
ranking your lower choices higher to ensure a certain outcome. (Monotonicity might be
• Does campaign finance of political ads affect voter turnout?
• What explains the trend towards authoritarianism versus democracy? Does this relate to
any properties we discussed in class or not?
Lots of topics are possible. These are just some ideas. Feel free to come up with your own

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