FIN 480 2008 Financial Crisis Presentation


PRESENTATION on ETHICS & GOVERNANCE (or LACK of them) in the FINANCIAL INDUSTRY based on the analysis of 2008 financial crisis. (no more than 12-15 slides).You can use the following suggestions as a guideline for your presentation:Data and information showing the dimension and scope of the financial crisis of 2008What were the causes or mistakes made and who were responsible for the crisis?How to avoid these events in the futureWhat are the main shortcomings or gaps related to CGR in the financial industry and how to overcome them.What role can play the current changes driving the fianncail industry (ESG, impact investment, etc.)

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Thomas J. Powell
“It comes down to
simple supply and
demand economics.
Everyone needs
slinkys and everyone
needs beepers.”
Little Risk / Little Reward
Greater Risk / Greater Reward
Just because you
got away with it
doesn’t mean you
didn’t take on any
Recognize the
value of
“Sampson! We’ve overspent, underanticipated, carelessly
lent, and excessively
speculated… Only an
accounting miracle can
save us now.
“What recession?”
“I think we might
be forced to
downsize Sammy”
“Just hold tight,
we’ll have you up
and ready for
inflation in no
“Um, boss. It
looks like the
public has
ordered for your
“Well, we got the
heads of all the
bankers, but now
who’s going to
run the financial
“All I did was
A Two-Cow Approach
You have two
cows. The
couldn’t care
You have two
cows. You sell
one and invest in
a bull.
You have two
cows. The state
takes one and
gives it to your
You have two
cows. The state
takes both and
shoots you in the

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principle of finances

Ethics and Governance in Finance

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