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Fin402: Financial Markets & Institutions
Group Assignment (10%)
You are required to prepare a Group presentation on your analysis and findings of the
stock market behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic time. This assessment is
designed to help you develop your analysis, presentation, and group work skills.
Consider the following scenario:
In your role as an international stock market specialist, a client approaches you seeking
to know about the stock market performance over the past year and a half.
The client makes his observations and notes that when the COVID-19 pandemic struck,
many changes affected the livelihood of millions across the globe. Due to the high
mortality rates seen with Corona Virus, governments responded by locking down
economic activities, strict quarantine policies, imposing travel bans, and implementing
stimulus packages to cushion the unprecedented slowdown in economic activity and
loss of jobs. Consequently, the S&P 500 lost more than 15% in a searing decline on
March 12. The index plummeted more than 30% by March 23. But then something
strange happened. While hundreds of thousands experienced job loss and millions of
people were laid off and businesses shuttered, the stock market prices kept rising from
April 2020 to record heights. For a year that had experienced such a level of economic
strain, it is hard to believe how the prices in the stock market had been good.
As an expert in the international stock market, you are required to:
1- Prepare a 3-5 minutes presentation explaining the market behaviour between March
2020 to date. Your presentation should be upload on YouTube (You don’t need to keep
your video open to the public).
2- Try to find possible interpretations of the market behaviour over this period? You
need to consider how the COVID-19 itself, government and government agencies’
interventions during this period, possibly affected the stock market.
Submission Guidelines:
To be submitted via Blackboard
Submission deadline: 16-Dec-2021
Plagiarism/copying work is strictly prohibited.

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