Ethics in Technical Communication 1. “Care” as a standard for…

Question Answered step-by-step Ethics in Technical Communication 1. “Care” as a standard for… Ethics in Technical Communication 1. “Care” as a standard for ethical dilemma is about ____ * a. being with others in times of needb. sharing to those in needc. relationship with othersd. showing empathy 2. Justice: cause and benefits of actions: rights: ____ * a. basic needs and welfareb. violated or notc. honesty and candord. obligation 3. “It is deliberately omitting damaging or unflattering comments to paint a better (but untruthful) picture of you or your company.” * a. euphemismb. public relationc. selective misquotingd. protecting the company’s image 4. It is the positive and negative effects that an action or policy has on the public. a. functionalityb. utilityc. practicalityd. reality 5. The following are principles of ethical communication, EXCEPT * a. be clearb. tell the truthc. acknowledge assistance from othersd. mislead your readers   Social Science Psychology ETHICS 20 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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