Edison State Community College Historical Stock Price Project


FIND historical stock price for your assigned company FIND the next call date of the assigned corporate bond 1) Download the WEEKLY stock price data for AMC Theaters (ticker: AMC) for the last 5 YEARS from Yahoo FinanceLinks to an external site.. 2) Retrieve the NEXT CALL DATE for Sabre (ticker: SABR4976410) bond (maturity = 4/15/2025) from FINRALinks to an external site.. 3) Submit ONE excel workbook with THREE worksheets.On the FIRST worksheet include your name in cell A1On the SECOND worksheet include the historical stock price data retrieved from Yahoo Finance.On the THIRD worksheet, enter the next call date of Sabre’s bond in cell A1. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME (AS LISTED IN THE REGISTRAR) IN CELL A1 ON A BLANK WORKSHEET AT THE BEGINNING OF ALL ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSIONS TO ENSURE PROPER RECORDING OF GRADES. PLEASE NAME YOUR ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION: FIND1_FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME.CSV .XLS and .XLSX ARE THE ONLY FILE EXTENSIONS THAT WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT

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