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What I’d like you to do is simply spend a little time playing around with the FRED website. Explore the tools, resources, and articles. Ultimately I’d like you to pick one data series, visualize it (there are lots of fancy visualization options to combine data series, change the way they’re displayed, and more, but it’s fine to stick to the basics for now), and describe briefly what you found. Take around 50-100 words to report back on what you found and what you are seeing in the data. As an example, here (Links to an external site.) is a visualization of something called “exports of goods and services” for the U.S. economy over recent decades. Find one of your own and let us know what you found—even if you don’t fully understand it yet!
Lecture 12’s reading response is a profile of economist Mariana Mazzucato (Links to an external site.) by João Medeiros. Mazzucato is best known for her work on the historical role of state investment in fostering innovation. This article is a little longer than usual, going into depth on the background and the ways in which Mazzucato’s research is changing public policy today. Therefore, if you are finding this a bit tricky, please feel free to focus on parts of the article.
please share your reflections on this article. What did you take away from it? What surprised you or interested you? If you’d like more structure to help:
1. What are some historical observations or episodes that stood out to you that highlight Mazzucato’s points about state versus private investment?
2. Thinking about examples of public policy from the article, how would you connect this to the kind of theoretical frameworks we’ve learned about in the past few weeks of our course?
3. Do you think there are implications for how we should be tackling, or should have tackled, the crucial challenges in fighting COVID-19?

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