Economics: Macroeconomic Factors to The Us Economy Paper


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VI. Macroeconomic Factors
Group C:
This week the focus changes from the microeconomic
factors that affect management decision, i.e., market
structures, costs, and pricing strategies, to the larger events
found in macroeconomics such as a nation’s level of income
employment, and output. The framework utilized to provide
an overall measurement of economic activity is called
the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
• Review the most current GDP measurement for the
U.S. and one other country. Identify any differences
between the two measurements and explain why the
differences exist, i.e., the components of the
measurements are different. [For U.S. GDP expenditur
components, you should rely on data provided by the
Dept. of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis
(BEA)… For the other nation’s data, you
should also rely on an official government source of
that nation. Finally, it may be worth creating your own,
supplemental table (in spreadsheet format) to highlight
the differences between each nation’s GDP
expenditure components.]12:47
X **REQUIREMENTS: Group Discussion…
The purpose of these papers is to apply the knowledge and the skills
that you have acquired through your background readings and to
further explore some of the key topics/issues expressed
therein. Therefore, you should complete your assigned readings for
the week prior to working on this assignment. Typically, there will
be two topics up for discussion each week, or possibly every other
week. I will assign a topic according to your group for that week.
This is a written assignment, however each member should also be
prepared to discuss your group’s response orally, if called upon in
Group responses require teamwork. Each student is assigned to a
group for this course. You will need to coordinate with your group
members to craft a unified, substantive response to your assigned
topic to be submitted by the required deadline each week. Make
sure to plan ahead.
Only one response is to be submitted on behalf of the
group, and all members of the group will receive the same
grade. Consequently, you are each expected to put in the
appropriate amount of effort; if there is a “free rider”
problem, others in the group should let me know.
• In addition, you will fill out a peer evaluation at the end of
the term in which you will assign a grade to each member of
your group.
Research is important! Ideally, you should seek applications that
are based on current events, local businesses, and/or that are related
to your work. Make sure that you formulate your responses by
conducting sufficient research and that you appropriately
cite external, credible sources (as well as our text).
Style & Formatting:
• APA Style is required, and no more than 15% of the paper
should entail direct quotes.
• MIN of 300 words (MAX of 500 words), not including
titles/headings and references page.
• Proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and English usage are
expected. Complete sentences are required.
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