Economic and Strategy For NetEase Music Platform Analytical Review


Instructions: You are asked to choose a platform (NetEase Music) that employs or has employed a freemium business model and analyze its strategy in a paper that is about 1400 words. For the essay, you are asked to address the following questions: 1. How does the underlying technology enable a free version of the product?2. What are the advantages and the costs of offering a free version of the product (company’s perspective)?3. What is the impact of offering a free version of the product on the firm¬ís competitors?4. Could the platform offering the product earn more by not offering a free version of the product? Explain the assumptions (e.g. economic & behavioral assumptions for consumers) supporting your analysis and provide information and evidence to justify those assumptions.

Explanation & Answer:
1400 words

usage limitations

high client base

fundamental elements

piece of technology

marketing plan

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