Econometrics research using EVIEWS Program Analysis


I have a research that requires the use of the eviews program in order to do the analyzes , It requires collecting data for 30 years and analyzing it using this program.And the topic is about Saving and it’s impact on output in Saudi ArabiaThose are the required analyses:? Hetrocedastisity? Multi collinearity? Autocorrelation The variables must be explained in theory form (as the nature of the relationship if it’s positive or negative) & statistically Variables are: GDP , savings, interest rate and inflation.GDP (Y) is independent variable. Savings, Interest rate and inflation are dependent variables. Conclusion must include the relation of the variables with the research topic. Recommendations must be written after conclusion. Take screenshots with every step in eviews program and put it under the appendix. The whole research must not have any pronouns forms such as: we and I. Instead use formal forms for example: Through the study, it became clear that… do not use terms like we see.

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