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Explain with relevant data sources from… If the decline in the unemployment rate is not necessarily a sign of improvement. 2.docx . discussion topic You are required to respond to at least two responses from your peers to this week’s discussion question. Your responses should be substantial and constructive in nature.

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Explain with relevant data sources from
.If a decrease in the unemployment rate isn’t necessarily a sign of an improving
Discussion Topic 2.docx
You are required to reply to at least two peer responses to this week’s discussion question. Your replies need to
.be substantial and constructive in nature
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A countrys economic performance is measured
using three key indicators, one of which is the
.unemployment rate
A decrease in the unemployment rate is not
necessarily a sign of an improving
economy.When people stop looking for jobs and
drop out of the labor force as discouraged
workers, the unemployment rate will decrease
even though the true employment situation
hasnt gotten any better.Unemployment has
multiple causes including cyclical changes in the
market,technology and laws, and information
gaps between potential employees and
employers.Unemployment is the result of a
recession whereby as economic growth slows,
companies generate less revenue and layy off
.workers to cut costs
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The Corona pandemic also had a great
impact on the Kingdom’s economy and t
he unemployment rate rose at the same
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manal Aldosari
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The decrease in unemployment rate of a country
would not necessarily means that the economy is
already improving. Unemployment rate is being
calculated only based on the population who are
jobless over only the total population of seeking
jobs. Those who are capable of working but not
seeking job or prefer not to work are not included
in the calculation. As years pass, this may
worsen especially when a big part of the
workforce population aged. Another thing why
decrease in unemployment rate is not an
indicator of an improving economy if we
consider inflation. Inflation is a sudden increase
in prices of commodities due to higher demand
(or bigger population) than the supply (due to
less workforce despite many are capable of
working but prefer not to work). Therefore, even
there are many job opportunities, if those who
are capable don’t seek for a job, then decrease in
unemployment rate would not still be a sign of an
.improved economy
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