ECON 7520 York University Impacts of Trade Barriers Essay


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ECON7520, Semester 2 2021
Deadline: 4pm Tuesday, 26 October
(Total = 100pts)
1. Please type.
2. Submit through the Blackboard website. Submission by e-mail is not allowed except the case
you provide a reasonable reason before the deadline date.
Write an essay for the following topic. The grade of your essay is based on thoughtfullness and
clarity of logics in your explanation.
Topic: Trade Barriers
Trade barriers are one of the reasons for a failure of the Absolute Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).
Explain, in 1000 words, how trade barriers affect the import or export good’s prices
and the real exchange rate.
• You need to include one example of a country (for example, Australia).
• You need to explain how the country’s trade policy has affected (or will affect) the real
exchange rate.
• You may use equations if necessary.
• Finally, put a word count of your essay, excluding reference.

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Explanation & Answer:
1000 words


economic output

trade activities

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