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BEST: Jessica Roach
Solar panel energy was the fastest growing energy type in Australia in 2020-21, with a
record number of homes installing rooftop solar. Currently, more than 30% of Australian
households have their own rooftop solar power systems.
My thesis is that the Australian Government should commit to a decentralised electricity
model, to encourage more competition in the energy market and improve economic
efficiency, as consumers and small-scale producers increasingly invest in solar power.
Historically, Australia’s electricity has been generated centrally, by large power stations. These
power stations have economic benefits when they are located close to their fuel sources (like
coal), as there are less transport costs to get the fuel to the power station. However, they also
have economic inefficiencies, due to electricity being lost as it’s transported large distances
to the households and businesses that use it, and also due to limited market competition.
With rooftop solar, Australian households can sell electricity back to power plants. When a
large number of households do this, power plants will find it increasingly expensive to supply
electricity, as they are maintaining large amounts of electric infrastructure to supply a small
consumer base. Consumers that don’t produce their own electricity may face rising electricity
costs as a result.
As individual solar power investment increases over time, reliance on energy produced by
central power stations decreases, and the economic benefits of a centralised system decrease
with it.
Given this, the switch to a decentralised electricity model will have two main economic
benefits. First, it will result in increased market competition as there will be many more
electricity producers, potentially driving down electricity prices. Second, it will reduce
economic inefficiencies from central power systems, as electricity will be generated close to
the people who use it – resulting in less electricity being lost as it’s transported.
Overall, it’s important for Australia to commit to a decentralised power system, as it will be
more economically beneficial than a centralised system, given rising solar investment by
individuals and small-scale producers.
Script – Practice Pitch
The high inflation that many countries are experiencing because of the Covid-19 pandemic is
a sign of both economic, and health policy success!
o Thesis statement
Pandemics – as we have all learned – have large macroeconomic effects that occur due to
both shifts in people’s behaviour and through government restrictions.
The former causes shifts in the composition of what people consume, which causes some
industries to boom and others to bust
The latter causes some industries to shut entirely
In addition, the duration of the pandemic is unknown to policymakers
o Motivating the problem
Monetary and fiscal policy can be used to alleviate some economic hardship,… but they are
blunt instruments
It is difficult to design policies that targets those who need it most and design an optimal
size given the uncertain duration of the pandemic
Putting in place a significant government support policy risk overheating the economy if the
pandemic ends sooner than expected
Conversely, putting in too little policy risk prolonged economic damage if the pandemic
drags on for years
Policymakers therefore face a trade-off between putting in place a large policy that protects
the economy in the event of long pandemic
And overheating the economy in the event the pandemic is short-lived
The latter causing a period of sustained high inflation.
o Explaining the mechanism
The unexpected speed at which a highly effective vaccine was developed shortened the
pandemic relative to expectations
This is a public health success
That success means the large policy response caused inflation
While that’s not costless, it is a better outcome than the alternative world of a longer
pandemic with a much worse economic outcome.
Thus, inflation is a sign of economic and health policy success!
o Using the mechanism to argue my thesis

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