ECON 428 Native Energy Takes Pride in Offering Climate Change Solutions Report


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Econ 428, Patrik Guggenberger
Homework 4
Spring 2022
Due date: Tuesday, March 15
As a result of concerns about climate change from carbon dioxide emissions, a number of
companies are selling carbon offsets. They are often offered to people buying airline tickets or
cars and allow individuals to contribute to projects to reduce the carbon emissions that will be
produced by their travel or other consumption decisions.
In this homework you are to do some independent research on one or more of these companies
and assess the business model and environmental impacts of their activity. A few companies
that sell offsets are:
The Carbon Fund:
Native Energy:
There are many other companies that sell offsets and you are not required to choose one of the
companies listed above. In fact, I would like to see other companies analyzed.
In your report you should look in detail at what the company does and assess whether or not it is
likely to contribute to reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.
Things you can focus on include: the prices charged, the projects the company invests in to
reduce carbon emissions, the percentage of revenue that is used to fund projects, how many
permits they have sold, and claims that they make about their contribution to emissions
reductions. Give your overall evaluation of the company and its activities.
Your report should be a maximum of two pages.

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