ECON 381 Policy Brief on the Rise of Minimum Wage in British Columbia Discussion

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Write a brief (2-3 paragraph) policy brief on
either one of the following topics:
1. Since 2018, the minimum wage in British
Columbia has risen from $11.35/hour to
$15.20/hour. Describe the likely impact of
this policy change on the British Columbia
labour market.
2. The Government of Canada has proposed a
large subsidy to paid child care, with the
goal of reducing the cost of paid child care
to $10/hour. Describe the likely impact of
this new policy on the Canadian labour
You should write as someone who is
knowledgeable about labour economics but
whose readers are not.
In particular, be precise about who (e.g. women,
men, young people, low-wage workers, etc.) will
be affected by the policy, try to make
quantitative assessments based on empirical
research, and be rigorous and clear in your
economic reasoning. At the same time, try to
avoid unnecessary economic jargon.

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Minimum Wage

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discriminatory minimum salary

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