ECON 340 University of Birmingham Economics Worksheet


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ECON 340
First Semester, 2021-2022
Total marks: 10 marks (Chapters 3, and 4)
Student name:
Section No:
Please read these instructions BEFORE answering the assignment.
1- After answering the assignment, you should save it as a PDF file and upload on BB
2- You should submit the assignment BEFORE December-04, 2021, @ 11:59 PM. After this date it
will not accepted and not graded.
3- Write answer from your own understanding, copy & paste answer will not be acceptable.
Question 1 : (2 marks)
Write Notes on bellow:
A- Market research
B- Cross elasticity of demand
Question 2: (4 marks)
Discuss the price elasticity of demand and what are the factors affecting the demand elasticity,
explain in detail.
(Note: Answer should be minimum 250 words and maximum no limit.)
Question 3: (4 marks)
Discuss the factors choosing right forecast and explain any three-forecasting technique.
(Note: Answer should be minimum 300 words and maximum no limit.)
Best of luck

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3 Questions


market research

elasticity of demand

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