ECON 3170 Market Price Economics Worksheet


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You are required to submit one journal entry for each set of weekly readings.
Quantitatively, I expect this will correspond to roughly 1-2 pages of single-spaced
prose. Your grade will depend primarily on the quality of the thinking demonstrated
in your responses. To assess quality, I will ask myself the following questions: are
you attempting to formulate questions about what we are reading and discussing in
class? Are you reading carefully? Are you being “mindful” of how you are learning?
That is, are you being introspective about the learning process? The more insight a
journal entry provides into how you are engaging with the material, the better the
journal grade will be. Here are some sample questions that your journal entries
might specifically address:
(a) What is novel (to you) about this material?
(b) How does this material relate to what you knew already?
(c) What in the readings confused you? What might help you get unstuck?
(d) What questions did the readings answer for you? What questions remain in your
(e) How does your own personal experience relate to the readings? (f) What do the
main equations or graphs say in plain English?
(g) Why are certain relationships expressed as an equation?
(h) What assumptions are required for this equation to hold and how plausible are

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