ECON 314 American University Tax Havens and Tax Evasion Outline


Here is the Introduction: a 1-2 page outline and bibliography. The outline can use bullet points; just provide the main areas you want to cover and the main points you want to make. The bibliography should give author, journal, year but does not need to include summaries of the articles. 
An here is the topic:
Tax Havens and Tax Evasion: Revelations from the “Panama Papers” and “Pandora Papers” have put a spotlight on the use of shell companies, wealth management services and tax havens to avoid taxation. Efforts to freeze or seize the assets of Russian oligarchs also point in the same direction: wealth inequality has been increased by well-organized evasion strategies. Analyze what can be done to limit tax evasion through tax havens and other means. Look at recent efforts to strengthen information disclosure and enforcement, including the OECD’s Inclusive Framework on Base Erosion and Profit Sharing as well as You can also examine the work of the US Department of Treasury’s FinCen and their use of Geographic Targeting Orders to find the true owners of real estate bought in cash by shell companies, discussed in Also, watch the 2019 film “The Laundromat” and read Brooke Harrington, Capital Without Borders, ch 5 Wealth Management and Inequality

Explanation & Answer:
2 pages

tax evasion

Economic implications

profit sharing

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