ECON 302 Economics Affects Health and Health Care Essay


How Economics Affects Health and Health Care: Many important forces shaping health and health care have more to do with economics and social policy than with any particular medical treatment or procedure. *****( Thesis must be clear & it can be tweaked but around economics and healthcare)3-5 pages long with double space typing written APA STYLEPrepare an outline (bullet points) of the paper, for example;IntroductionLiterature review ( synopsis of no more than 3-4 articles/papers with possibly opposing viewpoints)Findings of these papers/literatureElaborate and analyze those findings, (give arguments pro and contrary to your thesis).ConclusionIntroduction, as interesting as possible, and it should introduce the reader to the topic.Research or literature review should be efficient and not time consuming. Avoid in getting caught-up on reading to what doesnÂ’t relate to your topic. Use a variety of sources, (usually free articles and videos on the Internet and different reliable web sites), and look at about 2-4 articles for your paper. Explain each argument in favor to your thesis, and respond to counter-arguments, possibly with facts/data. Quote and cite the authors and articles correctly.End with a short and concise conclusion. The conclusion should restate the main idea and the results of your research. Voice of the paper normally should be active. In case you would include a graph or two it would be even better. Paragraphs could be 4-6 sentences long. Avoid one-sentence paragraphs. Edit, edit and proofread your paper. References should be in alphabetical order. You have to list only sources used in your research.Some websites you can use to find some economics articles;, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Fox News, The Financial Times, The Economist,,,,,, MindTap section of Microeconomics issues, and so many others.

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