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In what respect is the economic decision to move across international borders an investment decision? Why do economic migrants move to some countries but not to others? Cite an example of an explicit cost of moving; an implicit cost of moving. How do distance and age affect the migration decision? How does the presence of a large number of previous movers to a country affect the projected costs and benefits of subsequent movers?MUST REPLY TO TWO OTHER STUDENT AFTER ANSWERING QUESTION. I WILL SEND YOU STUDENTS TO REPLY TO

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Athena WOJS
Nov 9, 2021 at 9:34 PM
The decision to move across international borders is
considered an investment decision because people are
motivated to gain maximum economic benefits, which
they can’t achieve in the countries they are currently in.
The cost incurred by the people to immigrant is
outweighed by the economic benefits that they would be
receiving in a foreign country. So in perspective of
peoples decision to cross borders is an investment deal
for them.
Immigrants tend to move only to a foreign country that
offers high economic opportunities. These opportunities
tend to be where their labor would be paid high for, they
reap larger financial rewards and gives them an
opportunity to improve the living standards.
The explicit costs of moving would include the money
spent on their visa, flight charges, food and clothing.
The implicit cost of moving would be the emotions of
departing from their homeland they grew up in, in
addition to family, friends, and culture.
Distance of where they are moving to affects the cost and
decision of migrating to another country. The farther
away someone moves the higher the costs can be
Age also would play a variable in the decision to migrate.
As someone who is elderly wouldn’t take the risk of going
through so much when the environment is something they
are so used to. Therefore younger generations would be
more attracted to the idea to migrate than the older
A large number of precious migrants will affect the cost
and benefits of the new migrants. Since the new entrants
cannot capitalize on the large economic benefits. They
will possibly be faces with competition that is stiff in the
job market. This may lead to low wages that they might
have to accept.
< Previous Next 8 1 000 Dashboard Calendar To Do Notifications Inbox 3:50 1 LTE ??? Discussion Details ECON 001 : Prin Of Economics - Campbell K. - FALL 2021 -... several key factors to provide satisfactory answers to each part of the discussion's question. Specifically the last question's response was written out very well. Reply Jaron Payton Nov 9, 2021 at 12:26 PM It's an investment to the aspect of the amount of money you can make here for doing the same work in other countries. Especially if its a job you enjoy and want to provide for your family with. Its not always the case of America, in many sports you make more over seas than you do here if you're not pro. I think some people move to some places just based off taste. I know many people who want to move to a socialist country cause they think it's going to be better, some want to move to Canada for the healthcare. Some want to move to Mexico when they retire cause they can really live like royalty. I just think its based on your preference and stage in life. Distance and age are huge factors in where to move. Distance is important cause many of these people are poor so they go to the closest border they can find that they can walk or drive across. Plane tickets and housing when you go to another country is a lot for someone who's migrating for money reasons. Again, its not even about Mexico, US, China or wherever, you can have a whole new life moving from California to Texas. To use California to Texas as a example to the next question, many people are leaving California to go to Texas, Florida, Arizona, Colorado and other places. It really does send a message to others here that you grew up with and related to that you can live a great life elsewhere and you won't be alone. a Reply Sophie Danielian (She/Her) Nov 9, 2021 at 3:09 PM Hello, Jaron. I liked how you mentioned that even if one where to migrate from one state to another, it is still a completely different world. It is also important to note that many people move because < Previous Next 8 1 000 Dashboard Calendar To Do Notifications Inbox Purchase answer to see full attachment Explanation & Answer: 100 Words Tags: investment decision international borders economic migrants User generated content is uploaded by users for the purposes of learning and should be used following FENTYESSAYS.COM ESSAY's honor code & terms of service.