ECO 202 Apple Company Product and Industry Analysis Research Paper


Research Paper Instructions-Microeconomics Research Paper
Good writing is as important as good research.
Paper grades are based on 3 areas: Content (70%), Readability (15%) and Mechanics (15%).
Content (70%): Your Microeconomics Research Papers consist of two sections: Product/Service Analysis and an Industry Analysis.
Introduction: What is your product or service? If it is not an everyday good, explain to the reader what the product does or the purpose it serves. Who uses your good? What is its history? What is the relevance of your good in a particular geographic market? [for example, 31.1% of US wireless subscribers use Verizon Wireless; The approximately 9,900 nail salons in the United States accounted for $6.6 million in sales in 2011]
Product Analysis: See Suggested Outline
Industry Analysis: See Suggested Outline
I attached these Outline below
Readability (15%)
Don’t let your great ideas get lost in sloppy writing. The Writing Consultants through the Academic Center are a valuable resource. Use them! They are a good source of advice and constructive evaluation. Readability requires thoughtful organization and a clear writing style.

Your paper should be organized in a logical manner where one idea flows into the next. Your reader should be able to anticipate where your paper is going.
Strive for a clear well-organized presentation of your facts, theories, and analysis. The mainstay of economic writing is the simple declarative sentence. Avoid complex constructions, hard-to-follow run-on sentences, and the royal “we” (unless you are royalty or plural).
You should make an outline for your paper before you start writing. Each line in your outline should be a topic sentence for each paragraph of your paper.
Read your paper out loud or, better yet, ask someone who is unfamiliar with it and your assignment to read it to you. You will hear awkward parts and areas where you need better transitions between topics.
No one is a perfect writer. We are all getting better and learning. The point is to continue practicing and honing this skill. It is one of the most important skills you can have.

Mechanics (15%)
There are three components to this category: formatting, grammar, and documentation.
Formatting: All papers should be typed double-spaced on 8 1/2? x 11? paper with 1? margins on all sides using Times New Roman, 12 point font. Papers should include a Title Page, page numbers on each paper, and a separate References page. Papers must be submitted electronically through Canvas. No physical papers will be accepted.
The Title Page includes the paper’s title, the date, the course for which the paper is written, and the instructor’s name. Give your paper a title that is relevant to your product or industry. “Research Paper” is not an adequate title.
Grammar: You need to proofread your research paper thoroughly before turning it in. I expect you to use proper sentence format, spelling, and paragraph structure. Most word processing programs, like Microsoft Word, provide help with these elements. Use them. Also, take advantage of the college’s resources through the Academic Center including the Center’s online Blackboard Community for Writing help. Students can self-enroll in the online community and post their questions and receive answers from peers and online tutors.
Documentation: Giving proper credit to the works of others is essential in your writing – I need to be able to see your ideas, not your ability to copy someone else’s.
Direct quotes: You must you quotes when you directly quote someone and attribute that quote to its author. Quotes of more than 25 words should be set off in an indented paragraph instead of using quotes.
Paraphrasing: if you use someone else’s ideas, you have to attribute the work to them even if you aren’t using their exact words. Failing to give credit for paraphrased ideas is just as much plagiarism as stealing someone else’s words. This applies to your own previous work. For example, if the work you do in this class draws on work you’ve done in another class, you must cite to your prior work. If you intend to use one paper to satisfy two classes’ requirements, you must get prior permission from both instructors.
Your reader needs to be able to find your sources not only to validate your assertions but also to enable further reading. You should cite to your sources as precisely as possible.
Your papers should follow APA formatting. The library has some great resources to help you learn this widely-used citation format.
Examples for in-text citation:
Several writers have measured the costs of market power (Scherer, 1970, pp. 400-411).
Scherer (1970, pp. 400-411) reviews studies of the costs of market power.
The full bibliographic information on each source must appear in a References page at the end of your paper (separate last page). If Scherer published more than one reference in the same year, list them as “Scherer (1970a)” and “Scherer (1970b),” both in your text and in the References page.
Footnotes are to be used only, if at all, for substantive comments and not for reference. No endnotes please.
Examples of Reference page entries (note: use hanging indent):
Journal article:
Baumol, W. J. & Wolff, E. N. (1981). Subsidies to new energy sources: Do they add to energy stocks? Journal of Political Economy, 89(5), pp. 841-864.
Article in edited volume:
Cagan, P. (1956). The monetary dynamics of hyper-inflation. In Friedman, M. (ed.), (1956). Studies in the Quantity Theory of Money. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, pp. 25-120.
Government publication:
U.S. Bureau of the Census. (1978). Statistical Abstract of the United States: 1978. (99th Edition). Washington, D.C., U.S. Government Printing Office.
Revision – You will get each portion of your Research paper returned to you with comments. I highly recommend that you revise your paper in line with these comments before submitting the final version before the end of the term.
How Long Should Papers Be?
The short answer: as long as they need to be.
The long answer: I grade your papers on content, not on length. Quality over quantity. I’d prefer if you write shorter, more concise papers. I grade your papers based on the rubrics. You’ll find the rubric for the Product Analysis and Industry Analysis in the Research Paper module. If you paper meets the requirements of the rubric, you will earn a high grade, regardless of how long the paper was. If you paper does not meet the requirements of the rubric, you will score poor grade, regardless of how long the paper was. That being said, typically, the Product Analysis is 4-6 pages and the Industry Analysis is 3-5 pages, not including your Title Page and References Page.

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My Brainstorm:
It dawns on me that the majority of features of western religion trace back to the contribution of
Sumerian deities. The Sumerians were the custodians of fundamental religious setups which I
would like to divulge into in my research. I think religion is a fascinating topic particularly when
viewed from the historical point of view, I find it interesting to explore how ancient
civilizations build up a faith-based framework from the ground up and end up influencing global
civilization about 6,000 years later. To explore this concept, I will structure my research in three
major subtitles: the origin of religion in Sumerian civilization, the development of religion
through centuries, and the role of religion in shaping the Roman empire. With this structure, I
believe that I will comprehensively unearth the history of Sumerian deities.
Annotated Bibliography: Submit Here
The Annotated Bibliography is part of your final project. Students are to provide annotations
for five primary sources and five secondary sources that will then be used in the final
project. Sources should be directly related to the final project’s topic. Annotations should be a
paragraph (about 100 words).
For secondary sources, students should use high-quality scholarly sources, especially scholarly
monographs or articles published in peer-reviewed academic journals. Students should avoid
using the textbook, encyclopedia articles, or anonymously authored websites. ALL secondary
sources, regardless of format (video, websites, articles, etc.) should be credible and authored by
experts and professionals in their field of study geared towards an academic or higher education
The bibliography should NOT include encyclopedias, textbooks, or websites and videos geared
towards K-12 or authored (created and published) by unvetted, non-credible sources. For
questions on this please watch the video by Dr. Campbell or ask your instructor.
For primary sources, students should be looking for documents that were originally written
during the time period they are trying to study. While architectural or archaeological remains
certainly do qualify as primary sources which can be used by scholars to reconstruct the past,
they are problematic for an assignment like this. Written documents from the past should be your
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