ECO 201 Principles of Macroeconomics Essay


Purpose: Increase understanding of economic principles by discovering the business cycle position of a nation by examining the nation’s Real GDP Growth Rate, Unemployment Rate, and Inflation Rate.  Use your knowledge of the business cycle and its causes to evaluate the nation’s Government or Central Bank’s policies to achieve or maintain economic equilibrium.
Process:  Select your nation: In this essay, you will select Thailand country and establish its business cycle position and evaluate policy. Go to the trading economics website (Links to an external site.), click on indicators, click on countries, and you will see a listing of all the countries in the world! Pick one and list it as ‘taken’ in this discussion board – just but your nation in the subject line.  No duplicates allowed! Do not select the U.S. as we study that in class. 
In addition to basic economic theory, include three graphs, six statistics (highlighted), 10 economic terms (bold font and underlined) and at least two recent news articles to support your findings 


policy impact the business cycle

fiscal policy

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