Each question below is worth 10 points allocated according to the…

Question Answered step-by-step Each question below is worth 10 points allocated according to the… Each question below is worth 10 points allocated according to the rubric posted on Canvas. Please answer 4 out of 5 questions for your midterm grade. You have the option of answering the fifth question as extra credit.  Clearly note the question you are answering for extra credit.Your response is due by 5 PM on April 1, 2022. You want to teach a heterogenous (mixed ability) group of Georgia Tech seniors how to prepare effective applications when applying to grad school or seeking employment. Based on research findings, in what ways would you use scaffolding in your instruction to get the best results for all students? You are designing a summer science and engineering program for a group of 30 15 year-old refugees from Africa and the Middle East who have recently moved to Clarkston, GA. As part of the program, you want to take them on field trips to 6 Flags to ride and observe the roller coasters, to Mercedes Benz Stadium to talk to sound engineers and see a game or concert, and to Hartsfield-Jackson airport to learn about logistics and supply change. Your finance manager tells you that you are not allowed to use state funds for “entertainment”.  How would you justify these activities using educational research? You have recently accepted an entry level job with a multi-national corporation. A more senior co-worker suggests that you may want to join the Community of Practice (CoP) associated with your position. Based upon the research, what things would you like to know about the CoP and why are those things important? Would you join? Why or why not? You are serving as a TA for Calculus 1.  Your professor asks you to help plan the assessments for the course.  Based on research evidence, what assessment plan would you suggest and why? 5. Describe an instructional setting where inquiry-based instruction might be a good choice. What is the research evidence to justify your claims? Social Science Psychology PSYCHOLOGY 2130A Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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