During the academic year, new clients at a University Counseling…

Question Answered step-by-step During the academic year, new clients at a University Counseling… During the academic year, new clients at a University Counseling Center were recruited to participate in this study. All new clients requesting individual counseling services were eligible to participate. Ninety-four new clients (the majority of new clients at the center) agreed to participate…The ages of participants ranged from 18 years to 47 years (Median = 21, Mean = 22.4). Table 2 presents a frequency distribution of counseling duration. Participants completed from 1 to 28 sessions (Median = 3.0, Mean = 4.6). As evident from the table, most participants completed a relatively small number of sessions. Image transcription textTABLE 2 FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTION OF COUNSELING DURATION No. of Sessions % Completed 1-3 5457.5 57.5 4-6 22 23.3 80.8 7-9 8.6 89.4 10-12 4.3 93.7 WW A Do 14-17 3.3 97.0 18-28 3.3 100.0 Note.-Mdn = 3,Mode = 1, M=4.6, SD=4.8…. Show moreAnswer the following questions: 1. What is the median age of the clients? 2. What percentage of clients were under 21 years of age? 3. Are the mean and the median number of sessions completed the same? 4. What percentage of clients completed more than 3 sessions? 5. How many clients completed 7-9 sessions? 6. What percentage of the clients completed 7-9 sessions? 7. What percentage of clients completed up to 17 sessions? 8. What percentage completed between 1 and 9 sessions? 9. Which group of sessions has the highest percentage of clients? 10. Is the following statement true or false: “57.5% of the clients completed more than 1-3 sessions”?  Math Statistics and Probability MATH MISC Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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