DSU COVID 19 Impact Nationwide & Measures Nation Has Taken to Fight Back Paper


I am co-writing a literature paper on the impact of Covid-19. The impact nationwide and the measures the nation has taken to fight back. It has to be 3,000 words, 12 pages, double spaced, 6 pages single spaced (not including graphs and tables) APA format. Although graphs and tables are permitted. My part of the paper is the last four sections. It includes 3 body contents and the conclusion. I AM NOT asking for a 3,000 word paper. I am co-writing a paper and it has to be that amount of words total. I am asking for some to write at least 1,200 words with the overall context of the outline given below. Body1- Mississippi leading industry in economic and how it has been affected by Covid-19.Body2- Other industries besides the leading industry that were also affected by Covid-19. Body3- Before, during, hard cut off date impact economically of Covid-19. Conclusion- compare and contrast Covid-19 nationwide and statewide impact, compare and contrast economic impact, hard date cut off solutions, personal opinions on suggestions for stopping the spread of Covid-19.

Explanation & Answer:
3000 Words

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