DePaul University Econometrics Worksheet


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5- Gender Enquality
1. Use the UN SDG Database (
2. Select a data series that is of interest to you (make sure to pick just one data series). Make
sure that there is data available for your indicator. If no data is available, pick another
3. Read the related meta-data. Become an expert on your data.
4. Prepare a short descriptive PPT (6 slides) to explain your data to a reader (you may want
to create a few slides)
o Describe the indicator
o Describe the available data
o Descriptive statistics (graphical) (Histogram, Plot, etc.)
o Descriptive statistics (quantitative) (Mean, Median, Range, Standard Deviation)
5. Offer three observations about the data – what do you see?
6. Present three questions about the data – what do you want to know?

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6 questions




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