CUNY Brooklyn College International Financial Market Analytical Review

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I have chosen to do Figure 1.3 on page 5 of Chapter 1 and Figure 2.1 on page 43 of Chapter 2. I will provide the details one assigned. Could you give me some ideas (that are worth writing a 2-page essay for each figure) on the backgrounds and the implications for these two figures (figure 1.3 and figure 2.1)?Also, I want to clarify this. If real yields for US bonds decrease, does it reflect concerns about economic growth prospects? I thought the worse the economic prospects are, people would demand fewer bonds, hence the price of bonds decreases and this leads to an increase in yield for bonds (since the price and yield of bonds moves in the opposite direction). If my understanding has a problem, could you clarify it? Thank you

international financial market

global pandemic


nominal yields

mortgage rates

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