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Francine has a business making warm and cuddly stuffed bunnies. She’s been making and selling them in the US for several years, but is now considering producing and selling them in other countries — notably Canada and Mexico. This means she will have employees in Canada and Mexico as well as the United States. She has hired you to help her decide whether Canadian and Mexican employees should get the same, or different, combinations of salary and fringe benefits. Use concepts from class to discuss what issues she should consider and what, if anything, she should find out about the rules and regulations in Canada and Mexico.
In this question above please mention tax exemptions, mention salary, pay roll and etc things u can find.
2nd Question is:
Jake likes to get to know his employees well. In fact, he’d like them to spend most of their careers in his firm. He’s considering using something he’s heard is called the “internal labor market” approach to hiring. Explain to him what this approach involves and give him advice on the consequences of this approach.
mention the disadvantage of the internal labor market.

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2 Discussion Questions


internal labor market

regulations in Canada and Mexico

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