Concept of Business Virtual Model Discussion Questions


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College of Administrative and Financial Sciences
E-commerce Department
Assignment 1: Critical Thinking.
Assignment 1: Critical Thinking.
The Answers of this Assignment can include Charts, Tables, images and
relevant Snap shots. Etc. if needed. The Assignment file must be in Word
file. Based on the study of current Virtual business model, the below
questions need to be answered.
Number of Words for Each Answer: 125 to 150 Words
1. Discuss the concept of Business Virtual model. (2 marks)
Answer :
2. Comment on the need of Virtual business model. (2 marks)
Answer :
3. Give any 4 most popular Virtual Business models and discuss. (2 marks)
Answer :
4. As per your study, which Business model is best and why? (2 marks)
Answer :
5. How the current Virtual models need to be innovated to match for the future. (2 marks)
Answer :

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Explanation & Answer:
125 Words

innovative ways


Business virtual models

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