Composicin # 3 Pretend that last summer, you traveled to the Latin…

Question Answered step-by-step Composicin # 3 Pretend that last summer, you traveled to the Latin… Composición # 3 Pretend that last summer, you traveled to the Latin American country, Chile. You want to write un correo electrónico (e-mail), in Spanish, to one of your friends to tell him/her about the things you did when you were in that country. Follow the steps below. A. Before You Start Your Correo Electrónico Do some research about Chile. Look for its traditional foods, tourist attractions, art, music, holidays, and select one example for each category. Write the information in Spanish, and keep a record of the sources where you found the information because you must cite them.B. Writing Your Correo Electrónico Include the following points:Write the date in Spanish. 2. Select one of the following greetings. Querido amigo,      Dear friend, (male)Querida amiga,      Dear friend, (female)Queridísimo amigo,  Dearest friend, (male)Queridísima amiga,  Dearest friend, (female) 3. Choose one verb (verb with indirect object pronoun) present one sentence in Pretérito. You must also include in your sentence one adverb.  4. Pick two reflexive verbs and present two sentences in Pretérito. Select three adverbs and add them to your sentences. 5. Pick one stem-changing verb and present one sentence in Present tense. Select one adverb and add it to your sentence. 6. Select two regular verbs and present two sentences in Pretérito. Include an adverb in each sentence. 7. Write one sentence in the future tense “to be going to.” You can select a regular verb or stem-changing verb to complete this sentence. Add one adverb to your sentence.  8. Include the information you found in your research in any of the sentences from points 2 to 7.  For example, let’s say that you want to write a sentence using one of the reflexive verbs in Pretérito and one of the traditional foods. Your sentence could be something like this, Todos los días me levanté temprano y comí huevos chilenos. Every day, I woke up early and I ate huevos chilenos.9. Close your correo electrónico with one of the following farewells and your name. Con cariño,    With affect,Con amor,      With love, 10. All the information must be in Spanish, and all your sentences have to beonly in the tenses indicated in each point. 11. Your letter must have seven sentences total. 12. Check your spelling and punctuation. 13. Cite your sources.    Foreign Language Spanish SPA 112 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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