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a one-page critique of a peer-reviewed journal article. Beforeyou select your article, review the “Session One: What Are Statistics?”presentation. You will note that the presentation provides an introduction toinductive and deductive reasoning. Dr. William Trochim explains further thedifferences between Deduction and Induction inthe Web Center for Social Research Methods (Trochim, 2006). Choose a journalarticle on a topic in your field or a topic about which you are interested.Then, write a one-page critique of this article. UAGC’s Writing an Article Critique describes theprocess of critiquing an article and provides an example (UAGC, n.d.). Youshould summarize briefly your author’s thesis and how he attempts to prove histhesis. You should analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s studymethods as well as his presentation of his results. (To do this, be sure toanalyze the mechanics of the author’s study. What method did the author use totest his hypothesis? Were there any flaws in this method? For example, did heutilize a representative sample that was large enough that the results of thestudy could be generalized to the population?) Within your critique, explainwhether the author of your article answers his questions using inductive ordeductive reasoning and provide a brief one-sentence explanation of why this isinductive or deductive reasoning.

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