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you will take a virtual tour of a website that is devoted to The Mill Girls. Please note that this virtual tour does not have an actual tour guide. 
3. The link to the website: The Mill Girls (Links to an external site.)
2. Read about each of these five topics and write a summary (paraphrase) about each. Each summary should be a minimum of 3 sentences.
3. Number the answers 1-8 with the name of the topic.
The Mill Girls: 
Boarding Houses:
Immigrant Communities: 
Working Conditions: (
Products of the Mills: 
4. Next, watch these brief closed-captioned videos about The Mill Girls: After you view the brief video, briefly explain what you learned from the video (3 sentences each). Number them 6-8 with the name of the brief video.

The Lowell Girls (2:07): (Links to an external site.)
The Massachusetts Mill Workers. Lowell National Historical Park (6:31): (Links to an external site.)
Ind Revolution Lowell Mills (4:13): (Links to an external site.)

Explanation & Answer:
8 Summaries

New England invention

The Mill Girls

Boarding Houses

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