Chapter 11 Promoting a Healthy, Healing Environment 1….

Question Answered step-by-step Chapter 11 Promoting a Healthy, Healing Environment 1…. Chapter 11                 Promoting a Healthy, Healing Environment 1. Electromagnetic fields can be described as:an impenetrable barrier between the internal and external environment.healing, nurturing, and the connecting spectrum to universal power.continuous, wavelike, multidimensional, and created by movement.the connection between the physical and spiritual body. 2. _____ act as a vibrational transformer within the filed that extends outside the body.a. Electronsb. Plexusesc. Sanskritsd. Chakras 3. The color associated with stimulating intuition is:a. blue.b. 4. . In the chakra energy system, the color associated with energy that is an invigorating life force in small amounts 5. To correct inadequate natural sunlight for a positive influence on vibrational fields, a person could:a. seek therapy to stimulate the crown chakra.b. take additional doses of vitamin D until the issue resolves.c. apply Feng Shui principles of furniture arrangement.d. use full-spectrum lightbulbs in primary rooms of their home. 6. The solar plexus can be found:a. where the ribs form a V on the front of the body and the middle of the back of the bodyb. at the point of the Adam’s apple in the neck and the curve of the neck on the back of the body.c. in the middle of the forehead on the face and directly behind the back of the head.d. just below the umbilicus on the front and lower back portion of the body. 7. _____ are associated with the pituitary gland, which controls most of the hormonal functions of the body.a. Crown chakrasb. Brow chakrasc. Heart chakrasd. Sacral chakras 8. A person suffering from loss of appetite, general weakness, and difficulty speaking may suffer from:a. mercury toxicity.b. lead toxicity.c. cadmium toxicity.d. aluminum toxicity 9. Learning disabilities, asthma, dark circles under the eyes, heartburn, apathy, and itchy ears are:a. attributed to arsenic poisoning.b. signs of imbalanced chakras.c. symptoms of toxicity.d. causes of electromagnetic field disruption. 10. To minimize toxicity in the workplace, home and community environments,a. cover all painted surfaces with environmentally friendly wallpaper.b. take mega doses of vitamins C and D.c. replace furnace and air-conditioning filters on a regular basis.d. reduce the amount of clutter.Chapter 12  Taking Life Lightly: Humor, The Great Alternative  1. _________________ is the study of the physiological effects of humor and laughter.a. Symbologyb. Humorismc. Gerontologyd. Gelotology 2. Increased oxygenation, relaxation promotion, and respiratory muscle exercise all result from:a. laughterb. meditationc. attituded. corticosteroid release. 3. Which of the following have found to be true about the effects of laughter?a. Laughter helps control pain.b. Laughter substitutes for the health benefits of jogging.c. Laughter has no place in the serious health care environment.d. All of the above. 4. _____ is a risk of using positive humor, and should be considered before using it.a. Banterb. Painc. Sarcasmd. Misinterpretation 5.   Act natural, found missing, and small crowd are all examples of:a. sarcasmb. negative humor.c. punsd. oxymorons 6. To develop your comic vision, which of the following might be helpful?a. Tell jokes you read from your email.b. Making fun of yourself.c. Find a flaw in a friend and tease consistently.d. All of the above. 7. All of the following would be appropriate for a humor kit for health care EXCEPT?a. A clown noseb. An insult boxc. A laughter boxd. Favorite cartoons in a photo album 8. Which of the following must you take into account before using humor at work?a. There is a difference between positive humor and negative humor.b. Not everyone is receptive to or comfortable with humor.c. Humor is not appropriate in all situations.d. All of the above. 9. Incorporating humor into daily life and work is considered:a. an employee benefit.b. a good way to start the day.c. disrespectful and inappropriate.d. an important self-care measure. 10. To be able to build skills in using humor successfully in health care, which of the following might be useful?a. Build play time into your schedule.b. Take your work seriously, but yourself lightly.c. Smile and accept that most people do the best they can.d. All of the above. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)