Case Study: Jack lived with his parents and younger brother in a…

Question Answered step-by-step Case Study: Jack lived with his parents and younger brother in a… Case Study:Jack lived with his parents and younger brother in a small rural community in southern New Jersey. Shortly after his fifth birthday, Jack’s parents enrolled him in a general education kindergarten class at a nearby elementary school. Jack had several behavioral challenges in kindergarten. His teacher reported that Jack frequently had difficulty following directions and would sometimes throw a tantrum when he did not “get his way.” He also had problems getting along with his peers. Jack did not like to “wait for his turn” or “stand in line” with his class. Jack’s mother reported that he displayed similar behaviors at home. For example, his mother was concerned that Jack often “did not listen” to her or his father. He often tried to “be the boss” with his brother—both at home and during family outings in the community. Jack’s problem behaviors continued and escalated in first grade. For example, he repeatedly defied his teacher and refused to follow her instructions. He would escalate quickly when he became upset and engage is verbal arguments. Given the increasing frequency and severity of these problem behaviors, Jack was referred to the school’s Individual Education Program (IEP) team for a Child Study Evaluation. The results of the evaluation indicated that Jack was on target academically and did not qualify for special education services. The assessment showed that his IQ was above average and that he had perspective taking to analyze his own behaviors. You recently learned that Jack has been assigned as a student in your third grade class. You are the only teacher and Jack is one of the 20 students. Your school is unable to offer any support services and your school principal told you “just do the best you can.”  What would you do to set Jack up for success? Be detailed and thorough.   Social Science Psychology Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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