CASE STUDY: Imagine it is autumn 2021. Make, a SWOT Analysis for…

Question Answered step-by-step CASE STUDY: Imagine it is autumn 2021. Make, a SWOT Analysis for… CASE STUDY:  Imagine it is autumn 2021. Make, a SWOT Analysis for the following scenario. Recommend a course of action based on your SWOT analysis results and explain why you think that’s the best action plan. Feel free to do the SWOT analysis point form. /10 “Small Town Riot” (STR) is a 1-day summer outdoor music festival. The festival has operated for 17 years, although they took the last two summers off due to the pandemic. Over 17 years they built up a strong volunteer base and a “rainy day fund” in case of a crisis. They lost quite a bit of money the first summer of the pandemic, but the second summer, they did not try to run, and had few expenses, apart from the General Manager’s and Festival Director’s part time salaries. There has been nothing for volunteers to do for two summers. The town population is 2045 and in 2019, the event sold almost 6000 tickets. The festival featured one main stage, one tent with a performance space and a raised wooden floor for dancing, and had a kids’ activity area. There were 12 acts total, although one act cancelled. Two local restaurants set up food trucks. STR wants to plan for a festival in summer 2022. They were just informed that this year, they will not be able to present in the town’s primary green space because the town council agreed to spend the summer installing a splash pad and turf (fake grass). STR was already negotiating contracts with three performers when they got the news. The General Manager’s uncle has a field, a barn, and a Quonset hut that they might be able to rent, but the land is 30 kilometres out of town. The local school has a big field, but has said that the festival would have to replace the grass after the festival if they had the festival there. Another small town 80 kilometers away expressed interest in hosting the festival. Since STR needs a new location, STR’s Board President would like to consider expanding the festival to two days, add camping, and add an extra stage. “Everybody loves camping now!” said the President. Business Management Project Management BUSINESS W 0101 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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