Caltech Burger King Parent RBI Expects More Menu Price Increases in 2022 Analysis


1. Identify a current business article (the article should be no older than the last 30 days) which discusses a specific managerial/business topic for a specific large US/international company (For example: article on MacDonald increasing the minimum wages for their workers or an article about WalMart expanding their online business in order to compete more effectively with Amazon, etc). 2. The company that you identified in the article is going to form the basis of the final paper 3. A market analysis should include a thorough discussion of the following elements: -direct competitors -barriers to entry in the industry – government regulations (if applicable) – type of competition (use the HHI is necessary to determine how competitive the industry in which your company operates is) – impact of the market competition on the pricing power of the company that you are analyzing for example, one can discuss the pricing power of McDonald in the context of the fast food industry competition level) – Availability of substitute products for your company’s products and impact on the company’s business Week 3 Task Final Course Paper – due at the end of week 3, on Sunday at midnight PST. It should be at least 5 pages long (excluding the cover and references page) and include an analysis of a specific managerial/business topic related to the company identified in your original article. The final paper should include an expanded analysis of topic identified in the article by using at least 3-4 additional references. For example, you could provide an in-depth analysis of the cost 2 cutting measures of the company and its impact on profits, or marketing efforts to expand the market share, or profit maximization strategies, etc. Additional Recommendations for writing the paper ? The paper should be written in a WORD/PDF and be uploaded in the Week 3 drobox ? Suggested References: you may use our textbook, other books, economic journals or any internet sources to get suggestions or ideas. Some good sources of economic information and analysis are: The Economist – Federal Reserve: U.S Bureau of Labor: Yahoo Finance: CNN Business Section: Wall Street Journal:

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5 pages


Minimum Wages

profit maximization strategies

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