California State University Long Beach Maternity Benefits Discussion


Read the following two articles to answer the questions:1. Gruber, J. (1994) The Incidence of Mandated Maternity Benefits, The American Economic Review, 84(3): 622-641.2. Glickman, S. W. & Peterson, E. D. (2009) Innovative Health Reform Models: Pay-for-Performance Initiatives, The American Journal of Managed Care, 15(10): S300-S305.Answer the Questions in Word Doc: Which factors determine the number of knee surgeries in a state? Will the same factors determine the number of hip surgeries? Colon surgeries? Hospital admissions as a result of asthma?*Each response should be no longer than one page, singled-spaced, and 12 font. (So like a little over half a page at least)*

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