Brexit Impact Economics Essay


How has brexit affected: Trade and the city of london(UK financial centres)Document attached explains work and it is formatted.

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How has Brexit affected Trade and the City of London/UK’s financial centres?
2000 Words max STRICT.
The following word limits can be flexible, between each section. However, advised to
stay within to maintain strong analysis.
Introduction – 250 words
Topic 1 – 750 words.
Topic 2 – 750 Words.
Conclusion – 250 words.
Harvard References ONLY. Academic Citations preferred, or trusted news articles.
Keep each of your arguments clear, concise and as distinct as possible – avoid repetition
and sweeping statements
There may be instances where the issues overlap to some extent – that is fine.
However, you must ensure you do not repeat material. Be selective in your analysis
The report must be referenced correctly & include an accurate bibliography –
bibliographic details for each work must be fully referenced & cited
Avoid unsupported arguments (i.e. lack of evidence/references to reiterate the point
you are making) and too much description (ensure you are answering the question)
Topic 1 (750 words)
o Outline the major challenges /opportunities Brexit poses to the topic
o Examine why these challenges/opportunities impact the topic
o Critically evaluate how Brexit will impact the topic

Topic 2 (750 words)
o Outline the major challenges /opportunities Brexit poses to the topic
o Examine why these challenges/opportunities impact the topic
o Critically evaluate how Brexit will impact the topic

Conclusion (250 words)
o Critically examine both topics & how Brexit has impacted each
o Critically examine the pros & cons of Brexit to each topic
• The report should be an objective overview of the impact of Brexit on each of the issue
• Each student should be able to summarise the overall view on the impact of Brexit on
the two issues which have been selected to examine
• These summaries will form the overall argument which should be clearly stated in the
Introduction and Conclusion
Build up your arguments using the sources already available – consult the online
reading list on Moodle linked to each week, engage with Additional/Further reading
and read as much as you can
Some pointers for Trade:
• Heavily impacted.
• Distinction between CV-19 and Brexit.
• Bi-lateral trade deals with India or Japan.
• Lower Trade Volumes
• Distributional effects of leaving the UK
• UK & FDI – Comparative advantage due to its geographical location and ease of
business laws. – Ease of selling to high-incomes.
• City of London & Northern Ireland linked to trade
City of London: Some referneces:
Thompson, H. (2018) ‘How the City of London lost at Brexit: a historical perspective’,
Economy and Society, 04/2017, Volume 46, Issue 2
Lavery, S., Barber, A., McDaniel, S., & Schmid, D. (2017) ‘Frankfurt, Paris and Dublin:
Post-Brexit Rivals to the City of London” SPERI Global Political Economy Brief No. 7.
S. Lavery, S. McDaniel, D. Schmid (2018). New geographies of European financial
competition? Frankfurt, Paris and the political economy of Brexit. Geoforum. 94, pp.7281
Shaxon (2018) ‘The finance curse: how the outsized power of the City of London makes
Britain poorer’, The Guardian
Rutter, J. (2020) Singapore on Thames is Dead, Long Live Singapore on Thames, UKICE
Trade: some references:
Dhingra, S. et al (2016) The consequences of Brexit for UK trade and living
standards, CEP Brexit Analysis 2, LSEURL
READ: Ward, M. (2020) Research Briefing: Statistics on UK-EU Trade, House of Commons
READ: Veld, J. (2019) The Economic Benefits of the EU Single Market in Goods and
Services, Journal of Policy Modelling, Vol. 41, Issue 5
READ: Menon, A. & Barnard, C. (2018) What would trading on WTO Terms mean for the
UK? UK In a Changing Europe

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