Background information for all questions: You are employed as a…

Question Answered step-by-step Background information for all questions: You are employed as a… Background information for all questions: You are employed as a Trainee Contract Manager by Shed Builders Ltd, a company that designs and builds Sheds using either structural steel or architecturally shaped laminated timber, portal frames. The Sheds are usually clad with profiled long run steel sheeting but occasionally customers of Shed Builders prefer timber cladding. A block wall about three metres high is often incorporated into the perimeter wall of the Shed.Shed Builders has been approached by Crazy Coyote Distillery (NZ) Ltd to build it a Shed near to Puhoi north of Auckland to incorporate the equipment needed to produce its Crazy Coyote Bourbon. Above: Crazy Coyote logo that appears on its bottles of bourbonThere were 19 active distilleries in New Zealand in 2021 and more are anticipated. In February of that year the organization Distilled Spirits Aotearoa issued formal whiskey regulations intending some standardisation of the taste of whiskey produced here. Bourbon is a type of whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon.Ms Jaqueline Daniels is the Project Manager for Crazy Coyote and she liaises with Mary Horsley who is the Project Manager for Shed Builders as the first point of contact. You report to Mary.Crazy Coyote advertises in the media but also promotes its bourbon by conducting group tours around its distilleries so it wants a functional structure which is also attractive in appearance and incorporates an area where visitors can sit down to eat, drink and taste the product. The project must also accommodate offices, canteen facilities, and ablutions [toilets, changing rooms, and showers] for its employees.  Distilling is a fire hazard and Jaqueline refers Shed Builders to the following web site for further information on the distilling process: The site sets out US practice and contains two important points: [1] internal surfaces should be easily cleaned to allow liquid spills to be quickly cleared up; and [2] the Shed must be well ventilated to remove grain dust, carbon dioxide, and ethanol which are produced during the distilling process.  Jaqueline says Crazy Coyote will employ the American Company Koorsen Fire and Security to co-ordinate the design of the distillery itself with the designer and fabricator of the Stills etc. which will be designed as regards detail, and fabricated by Vendome in Kentucky, US. Auckland Council, the consent authority under the Resource Management Act 1991, has already issued a resource consent to Crazy Coyote with a specific condition that requires Crazy Coyote to satisfy its requirements under the Building Regulations 1992: Clause C2—Prevention of fire occurring; Clause C5—Access and safety for firefighting operations; and Clause C6—Structural stability, because distilling alcohol is a hazardous process. These Clauses essentially concern: [1] stopping a fire from gathering strength [C2]; [2] the ability of fire trucks to get close to a fire [C5]; and [3] structural stability if a fire is in progress [C6].The shed is to be 26 metres wide and 95 metres long with 9 metre high portal legs. The roof is to be a double pitch of 45 degree slopes. Crazy Coyote does not want any intermediate supports to the portal frames which must clear span 26 metres. Portal frames are required, not trusses, so the ceiling slope inside the Shed is the same shape as outside the Shed. [Above] A wood framed bourbon distillery housing [in the US] Crazy Coyote provides Shed Builders with a copy of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States manual titled “Recommended Fire Protection Practices for Distilled Spirits Beverage Facilities” to help them with their design. Students do not need to read the above manual, access to which costs about 1,000NZD, but it emphasises that specific commercial operations, in this case distilling alcohol, may have special risks and safety requirements which must be accommodated in the design of any building. Crazy Coyote will be liaising with Koorsen, Vendome, and Shed Builders to ensure that the Shed design satisfies Crazy Coyote’s needs whilst also meeting Auckland Council’s requirements so as to be able to obtain a building consent under the Building Act 2004.For the purposes of CONS 5101 students do not need to know details of contractual arrangements which ensure that Shed Builders receives fair compensation for both the design work it performs for Crazy Coyote and for Shed Builders’ construction costs.Crazy Coyote will therefore pay Koorsen and Vendome for the provision of services being design and co-ordination of equipment by Koorsen and detail design, fabrication, and provision of equipment by Vendome. Shed Builders will design the Distillery Shed and ancillary constructions. The distillery equipment will be shipped from Kentucky US to Puhoi NZ for installation by Shed Builders.The standard of completion of a design and build contract such as the one between Crazy Coyote Distillery (NZ) Ltd and Shed Builders Ltd is one of fitness for purpose. It is therefore essential for them to consult together so as to ensure that the completed project meets the client’s needs. Discussion between them starts before the application is made for a building consent and continues until final completion of the project.Crazy Coyote wants mobile lifting capacity inside the Shed to carry up to one tonne loads, mainly barrels. Security is also an issue because alcohol if stolen can be readily disposed of, so the building must be secure against illegal entry. Below a utilitarian US bourbon distillery:Above: A more aesthetically pleasing US bourbon distillery stills [note the ceramic tiled floor] The long established Kentucky metal fabricatorVendome was incorporated in 1912 and specialised in fabricating copper and brass which has been largely substituted by stainless steel nowadays. Vendome will make the equipment including the stills in Kentucky and will ship them here although basic pipes, ducting, and standard equipment can be sourced by Shed Builders locally in New Zealand. Shed Builders will subcontract any necessary additional pipework, ductwork, barrel storage racks, grain elevators, and bottling equipment. [Below] A bourbon distillery can border on being a sculptural art form:Shed Builders’ costing department says structural steel portal frames are the cheapest option for building the Shed and it would be cheaper to build than one using laminated timber portals.Crazy Coyote have already purchased the necessary land for the Shed after engaging Geotechnical Company (NZ) Ltd to report on it, and as noted above, have secured the necessary resource consent for building a bourbon distillery on it subject to designing a distillery that satisfies Auckland Council requirements on minimising the fire risk issue. See for example fire problems in distilleries at [Students may find this interesting but not reading it should not affect their ability to answer EXAM questions].The geotechnical report shows that the ground has poor ground bearing strength but there is firm clay with good ground bearing capacity at about two metres below ground level.The proposed Site is near Puhoi and is not far from the northern entrances of the Johnston’s Hill tunnels from which a motorway is being built to Warkworth. Above: Puhoi river (p?hoi is M?ori for slow river) Above: the building site for the distillery in Slowater Lane, Puhoi The three Questions below concern three reports that Mary Horsleywants you to prepare for her. You can assume that all of the matters contained in the background information given to you, including all documents or internet references, have been discussed between Jaqueline and Mary and that you know about them. Mary says you do not have to take cost into account when reaching your conclusions. She wants to know about any factors that may affect construction costs but your conclusions will be costed by someone else for Shed Builders Ltd. Mary tells you that Ms Jaqueline Daniels places particular importance on the safety of employees of Crazy Coyote Distillery (NZ) Ltd who will be working in and around the Shed when it is built, and the safety of visitors to the distillery. Mary tells you to split each report into three parts as listed below as a); b); and c). Each report MUST take into account the nature of the use to which the Shed will be put on its completion i.e. a distillery. QUESTION ONE 18 Marks Report in three parts on the relevant advantages and disadvantages of using portal frames constructed from structural steel or using heavy laminated timber portal frames for the Shed to house a distillery that Crazy Coyote Distillery (NZ) Ltd has asked Shed Builders Ltd to construct for it at Puhoi: Q1(a) An introductory/reference paragraph                                [4 marks] Q1(b) the advantages and disadvantages of structural steel           portals or heavy laminated timber portal frames               [10 marks] Q1(c) your conclusion and your reasons for preferring steel           or timber portals to be used                                      [4 marks] Business Management Project Management CONS 5101 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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