BA 18 CSOB Economics American legal system & Business Paper


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Department of Finance and Business Law
BA 18 – Business and the Legal Environment
Professor Michael T. Yonker
For our final writing assignment, I would like you to think about everything we have learned this
I have attempted to make the point that without the rule of law, business as we know it could not
Our economy depends on the rule of law.
As a general proposition, I think our legal system functions reasonably well. There are very
good aspects, and there is also much room for improvement.
Considering everything we have learned this semester, please submit a paper addressing the
following questions:
1. What do you believe is the single most important aspect of the American legal system with
respect to business? Why?
2. What aspect of this legal system, again with respect to business, could most be improved?
The topics you select may be as broad or as narrow as you would like, and there is no right or
wrong answer. What I want to see from this paper is that you have understood important topics
we have studied this semester, and can analyze their practical importance.
The paper is due on May 15, by 11:59 pm. It must be submitted via TurnItIn on Canvas. It is
worth 50 points depending on quality and analysis. The suggested length is between four and
five pages. It must be double spaced, with twelve-point Times New Roman font.

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4 pages


american legal system

Business and the Legal Environment

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