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This assignment will involve your conducting an informational interview with two different entrepreneurial professionals. It is best to interview professionals from two different organizations. Your interviewee may not be an immediate family member, fellow student, nor be one of your instructors.
I have included 12 Base questions for the interviews in these instructions as an attachment. You will need to ask more questions that are SPECIFIC to the business you are planning. Please take care in coming up with relevant and specific interview questions…remember, this person is extending you kindness by granting you their time.
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Base Questions for Entrepreneurial Interview
1. Looking back, and knowing what you do now, what are some things that you might do
differently when starting your business?
_The opening day was delayed because couldn’t find the right people for the right job ->
always have many back up plans
_Make sure to train the staff properly
2. What was the hardest/most challenging part of starting your business?
_ Finding the right people for right job
3. What surprised you the most in starting your own business?
_ How people run willing to work
4. If you could do it over again, what is one business decision you would not repeat?
_ Wouldn’t be signing the lease
5. How did you keep your employees committed during the beginning of the venture
when business was slower, and success may have been uncertain?
_ Train they well and treat they like my family
6. In regard to the initial startup, how did you secure financing? Personal Savings?
Personal Loans? Investors? Friends/family?
_I used my personal saving. I have multiple businesses
7. With more and more people wanting to pay online and have a contactless experience,
how have you accommodated customers who prefer ordering items online and/or
offering in-store product pickup?
_My restaurant have to go and delivery option
8. How are payments accepted for your product/service? Do you incorporate cash apps?
(pay pal, cash app, apple pay, etc.)
cash, credits
9. How has your target customer changed since you opened?
_Never changed. My target customers has always been Troy University students and
staff, Troy resident
10. In the beginning, how did you estimate your financial projections/sales?
I estimated through head counts and sears in the restaurant
11. How did these financial estimates change from the early stages of your venture?
(example: how did it look in your first 3 months, compared to the next 6 months, to
completing your first year?)
Big surge with the beginning, then gradually drop and then stable
12. If you could offer one piece of advice to an entrepreneur starting his or her own
business, what would that be?
Do research
13. Are you have any plan to open more business?
Yes, I have several businesses now and will open in the future
14. Do you want to open business in different States?
yes, different states mean different oppotunities

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